High Quality Testing and Analysis

At All Testing Specialists, it is our policy to provide high quality and timely analyses of construction materials, whether it is asphalt, concrete or soils, and to consistently meet the requirements and expectations of our clients.  

The policy is achieved through:

  • Management and staff commitment to providing high quality test results and excellent professional service to our clients.
  • Tests are performed in accordance with stated methods, laboratory policies and procedures and the client’s requirements.
  • A Quality System based on the concepts of AASHTO and ASTM test procedures are used.

Our Standards of Service:

  • A rigorous Quality Control Program is in place to monitor the quality of test results. This program includes analysis and evaluation of internal quality control samples compared to multiple laboratories.
  • Participation in the WisDot round robins and comparison testing to all WisDot laboratories statewide.
  • Laboratory personnel are familiar with the Quality Policy and implement it in the workplace. All staff members are provided with the knowledge, training and tools necessary to perform laboratory operations and testing.

If you have any questions on our quality policy or standards of service, please contact a ATS staff member today.